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Coffins unearthed at school in Scotland

Burials dating back between the 15th-17th centuries have been unearthed at a primary school in Scotland. John Lawson, archaeologist at the city council said, said: “These excavations have unearthed what appears to be a complex cemetery thought to date from the 15th to the 17th centuries, containing at least nine graves

Ancient cemetery found in Taiwan

A cemetery dating back 4,800 years has been unearthed in central Taiwan. The 48 sets of remains unearthed in graves in the Taichung area are the earliest trace of human activity found in central Taiwan. The most striking discovery among them was the skeleton of a young mother looking down at

Anglo-Saxon cemetery found in England

An Anglo-Saxon cemetery dating back between 660-780 A.D. has been found in the village of Bulford in England. Archaeologists are now planning to excavate the monuments next to the cemetery, which are made up of Early Bronze Age round barrows and are likely to become scheduled monuments. Grooved ware pottery, stone

Iron Age cemetery found in Yorkshire

A cemetery dating back between 800 B.C. and 43 A.D. has been unearthed in Yorkshire, England. Almost 2,000 years after being buried, the remarkably well-preserved remains of 150 skeletons and their personal possessions have been discovered in a small market town at the foot of the Yorkshire Wolds. The remains of the

Bronze Age cemetery found near Bethlehem

A 4,000-year-old cemetery containing more than 100 tombs has been found near Bethlehem. The burial ground was discovered in spring 2013 during the construction of an industrial park. In 2014 a team from the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Palestine excavated some of the tombs, and in 2015 a joint

Marble sphinx discovered in northwest China

A sphinx carved out of marble has been found in a cemetery along the Silk Road trade route in northwest China. The tomb was one of the 29 ancient graves in the area which archeologists have excavated this year to pave way for the construction of a local water plant. More

Royal cemetery undergoes excavation in China

Archaeologists in China are excavatinga royal cemetery found in Jiangxi province. Chinese archaeologists working on a royal cemetery dating to the Han dynasty 2,000 years ago say the site is the most complete and well-preserved set of tombs they have unearthed, state media reports. But a key mystery remains: experts hope a

16 pyramids found at Kushite cemetery

16 pyramids have been found sitting atop tombs in a large Kushite cemetery found in Sudan. They date back around 2,000 years, to a time when a kingdom called "Kush" flourished in Sudan. Pyramid building was popular among the Kushites. They built them until their kingdom collapsed in the fourth century