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Prehistoric ceremonial site unearthed in Ireland

Archaeologists working at Cave Hill in Ireland have discovered what they believe to be a prehistoric ceremonial site. Dr Welsh also drew attention to a piece of sandstone which was uncovered at the site and has been inscribed with a unique design. "We have a piece of sandstone and someone has gone

Hall of human sacrifices found in Peru

Archaeologists in Peru have uncovered an ancient ceremonial ground used by a Pre-Columbian civilization for human sacrifices.  Photographs taken at the site show more than half a dozen skeletons on the floor of the hall."There was a great ceremonial hall or passage integrated into the rest of the architecture that

Easter Island road system largely ceremonial

Archaeologists working on Easter Island have disproved the 50-year-old theory that the road system on the island was used to move the famous statues around. The find will create controversy among the many archaeologists who have dedicated years to finding out exactly how the moai were moved, ever since Norwegian