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Hidden rooms may lie behind King Tut’s burial chamber

A ground-penetrating radar survey carried out in Tutankhamun's tomb has revealed the possible existence of two chambers between the north and west walls of the burial chamber. Organic and metal materials were also detected inside these empty spaces. Eldamaty explains that studies carried out on the northern wall reveal that it has

Cyprus cave collapse leads to discovery of burial chambers

Three burial chambers from the late Hellenistic period were discovered when the roof of a cave collapsed in Limassol, Cyprus. So far, amphorae, seven skeletal remains and other small items were found. According to Yiannis Violaris, archaeologist of the Antiquities Department’s Limassol District, the tomb is estimated to be from the

1,000-year-old funerary chamber found in Mexico

A worker cutting grass in the Archaeological Zone of Tingambato Michoacan discovered a 1,000-year-old funerary chamber. Melchor Cruz said that the quantity of shell beads that were found in the chamber convey possible relation to the ancient settlers of Tingambato with other towns in the coast. Also, it shows that this