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Medieval chapel found in Yorkshire

A medieval chapel, built before the Norman Conquest of 1066, has been found in North Yorkshire. Two bodies were also found at the site. It is thought the remains were of a young man and an older woman who were both found in a crouching position. It is believed there were early

11th Dynasty Egyptian chapel discovered

A chapel belonging to King Mentuhotep that dates back to the 11th Dynasty has been would on the west bank of the Nile in Sohag, Egypt. Ali El-Asfar, head of the ancient Egyptian Section at the MAH, told Ahram Online that the chapel is in a very well preserved condition and

Evidence of King Richard III lost chapel found in York

Archaeologists working in York, England, have found evidence of a memorial chapel that King Richard III commissioned to be built in 1483. A University of York spokesman for the department stressed the research so far looked positive, but said researchers can’t prove exactly where the chapel was until a larger excavation

1662 St. Francis Xavier chapel found in Maryland

A team of archaeologists working in Maryland have found postholes they believe belongs to the original St. Francis Xavier chapel which was built in 1662 by Jesuit missionaries. Last year a pair of archaeologists said they believed they had narrowed in on the site of a 1662 Catholic chapel in Compton. But

Archaeologists search for 17th century chapel in Maryland

Archaeolgists in Maryland are looking for a Roman Catholic chapel which was built in 1662. On April 1, the team found broken glass and wrought nails. In addition, “we might have a structural post hole,” Lawrence said April 2. Pieces of glass showed where the lead panes intersected and, based on that,

The oldest Christian place of worship in Thessaloniki

A chapel which dates back to the 4th century A.D. is the oldest discovered Christian place of worship in Thessaloniki, Greece. Among the highlights of the find is a mosaic floor uncovered when structures of the later basilica were removed. This was showed a white field with a clematis theme, dominated