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Earliest Charles Dickens film discovered

The oldest surviving film featuring a Charles Dickens characters has been discovered by a British Film Institute curator. The film, which is just one minute long, depicts Joe dying in the freezing snow against a churchyard wall. As he falls to the ground a local watchman tries to help him and cradles

Charles Dickens’ toothpick fetches $9,000 at auction

A toothpick which picked the food from between Charles Dickens' teeth has been sold at auction for over $9,000. An ivory and gold toothpick once owned by Charles Dickens today sold at a U.S. auction for nearly £7,000. The item was used by the legendary English author ‘on his last visit to

“A Christmas Carol” manuscript reveals Charles Dickens’ writing process

Charles Dickens' heavily marked up original manuscript for "A Christmas Carol" has gone on display, shedding light on the master's writing process. It is an enduring mystery of English literature: What secrets lie entombed beneath the thick scribbles that Charles Dickens made as he wrote, and rewrote, the 66 pages of