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17th-century cheese recovered from shipwreck

Researchers believe that a thick, gooey substance found in a tin pot recovered from a 17th-century shipwreck might actually be a stinky cheese. Divers excavating the royal ship Kronan in the waters off the Baltic Sea island of Öland came upon the smelly material inside a black tin jar found on

Cheesemaking in the Swiss Alps dated back 3,000 years

Analysis of residues found on ancient pottery fragments found in the Swiss Alps have revealed that herders were making cheese in the area 3,000 years ago. Even though cheese-making had been documented earlier at lower altitudes, making cheese in the mountains was an impressive feat for our ancestors. “Prehistoric herders would

The world’s oldest known cheese

Odd lumps found on the bodies of Chinese mummies has been identified as fragments of cheese that dates back to 1615 B.C. The Chinese cheese dates back as early as 1615 BC, making it by far the most ancient ever discovered. Thanks to the quick decay of most dairy products, there

Cheese-making dates back 7,500 years

An examination of ceramic fragments found in Poland has revealed traces of milk fats, suggesting that cheese was being made 7,500 years ago. Peter Bogucki, an archaeologist at Princeton University in New Jersey, was in the 1980s among the first to suspect that cheese-making might have been afoot in Europe as

Neolitic settlers in France could not digest milk

DNA analysis performed on Neolithic remains of modern humans in France show that they did not have the genetic mutation that allows them to digest fresh milk. The researchers were able to deduce from their findings that the peoples in this region of France were of a genetic type more closely