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Prehistoric dice game boards found in Mexico

5,000-year-old semi-circles made of holes found in in Mexico may belong to a prehistoric dice game. Mysterious holes arranged in c shapes—punched into clay floors at the Tlacuachero archaeological site inMexico's Chiapas state —may have been dice-game scoreboards, according to archaeologist Barbara Voorhies.If so, Voorhies added, the semicircles are the

Serpent head sculptures found at Mayan ball court

Two 1,500-year-old sculptures have been found at the ballgame courts in the Mayan city of Tonina in Chiapas. This discovery allows the consolidation of the hypotheses of how this ritual place looked like in the Prehispanic age; due to its architectural position it is the one that resembles more the

Multiple burial found in Chiapas pyramid mound

The remains of two men have been found in a tomb unearthed in the Chiapa de Corzo Archaeological Project. Archaeologist Lowe, in charge of excavations at the hill of Mound 11, announced the second finding a few months ago, when the last field season at the Mixe-Zoque site concluded. “We

Mayans knew their land was underwater in prehistory

The Mayans who lived in the ancient city of Palenque knew the land they lived on used to be underwater due to fossils found in the region. Fossils found at the ancient city of Palenque, Chiapas shows Maya people conceived their beliefs of the underworld from them, associating the beliefs

Maya glyphs found in Mexico

A wall full of Mayan glyphs has been found in the Tonina Archaeological Zone in Chiapas. Epigraphists point out that the finding will bring in new information regarding Maya grammar, since it shows linguistic features yet to be deciphered. The discovery adds up to the sarcophagus recently uncovered by specialists of the