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Subterranean river found underneath Mexican pyramid

A subterranean river has been found 20 metres beneath El Castillo, the main Maya pyramid at Chichén Itzá. Geophysics expert Rene Chavez said on Thursday that the underground river chamber is naturally covered by rock. Such underground rivers often connect the open cenotes, or sinkhole lakes, that dot Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula. The

Ten 1,200-year-old burials found at Xtojil

Highway construction has unearthed 10 burials dating back 1,200 years have been found at the Maya site of Xtojil in Mexicom just 20 km from Chichen Itza. Most of the skeletal remains were discovered in lithic tombs known as “cistas” (rectangular caskets protected and covered by stone slabs) that also contained