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Nicotine found in hair of Chilean mummies

Nicotine has been found in the hair of Chilean mummies dating back between 100 B.C. to 1450 A.D. Additionally, nicotine consumption occurred on a society-wide basis, irrespective of social status and wealth, researchers say. The finding refutes the popular view that the group living in this region smoked tobacco for just a

The oldest mine in the Americas

Archaeologists have discovered a 12,000-year-old iron oxide mine in Chile that is the oldest known organized mining operation in the Americas. An estimated 700 cubic meters and 2,000 tons of rock were extracted from the mine. Carbon dates for charcoal and shells found in the mine suggest it was used continuously

Oldest mine in the Americas found in Chile

An iron oxide mine date back 12,000 years has been found in Chile, making it the oldest mine yet found in the Americas. The iron oxide mined by the Huentelauquen Indians was used as a pigment in dying cloth and in religious rituals, revealing an unexpected sophistication in what was

Chilean family finds four 2,300-year-old skeletons in their backyard

A family in Santiago, Chile were removing soil from their yard when they uncovered four skeletons dating back to 320 B.C. The Valdes Navarro family found the relics of the Bato culture on Saturday in Con-Con, a municipality located about 130 kilometers (81 miles) west of Santiago. Francisco Allendes, an archaeologist, historian

South American mummies were victims of arsenic poisoning

New research suggests that a lot of the ancient mummies from the South American Chinchorro culture were victims of arsenic poisoning. “I was reading a Chilean newspaper that talked about pollution and it had a map of arsenic and lead pollution, and it said arsenic caused abortions. I jumped in my