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Were the Terracotta Warriors inspired by Ancient Greek art?

A professor from the University of London believes that Greek Art was the inspiration for China's famous Terracotta Warriors. Nickel's evidence includes newly translated ancient records that tell a fantastic tale of giant statues that "appeared" in the far west, inspiring the first emperor of China to duplicate them in front

Ancient Chinese coin found on Kenyan island

A 600-year-old Chinese coin has been found on the Kenyan island of Manda, revealing a trade link between China and East Africa. The coin, a small disk of copper and silver with a square hole in the center so it could be worn on a belt, is called "Yongle Tongbao" and

Ancient Chinese city of Wu unearthed in Jiangsu

Archaeologists working in Jiangsu province, China, have unearthed the ancient city of Wu. It is probably the biggest find of ancient city relics from the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC) ever known in China, according to Chen Jun, director of Suzhou Archaeological Institute, though he adds it is still early

Professional thieves steal Chinese artifacts in second heist

The Fitzwilliam Museum at Cambridge University has fallen victim to a daring heist which was responsible for stealing 18 ancient Chinese artifacts, two weeks after a similar robbery at Durham University. The Fitzwilliam Museum theft saw the loss of eighteen items including a Ming jade cup from the 14th century, eight

340-year-old Chinese coin found in Canada

A Chinese coin which dates back 340 years has been found in the Yukon. The coin is etched with traditional Chinese characters indicating it was minted during the Qing Dynasty reign of Emperor Kangxi, who ruled China from 1662 to 1722. But other information stamped on the money piece - which

“Chinese Pompeii” unearthed in central China

A 2,000-year-old village dating back to the Han Dynasty has been unearthed in central China. The site consists of four walled houses—each the residence of an extended family—surrounded by wells, toilets, ponds, and trees. In July, archaeologist Tristram Kidder of Washington University in St. Louis and his Chinese colleagues discovered

Over 30 shipwrecks found off Chinese coast

More than 30 ancient shipwrecks have been found off the coast of China. The shipwrecks were found during a research project called 908, the China News Service reported quoting an official with the State Oceanic Administration (SOA). The findings were released Sunday during a seminar in Xiamen in Fujian province.