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Malnourished Industrial Revolution-era remains found in England

The malnourished remains of individuals who may have died during the 1832 cholera outbreak have been found at the site of a future shopping centre in Leeds. Micro-analysis of bones and teeth have shown that nine of the 12 children had metabolic diseases, including rickets, scurvy and possibly anaemia - and

Remains of Cholera victims found in Dublin

The remains of people who died during the Great Cholera Epidemic of 1832 have been found during construction in Dublin. She said records from the 1870s showed the railway yard of the Midlands Great Western Railway at Broadstone was being extended. The company got permission to acquire 3 acres of land

Mass grave of Irish immigrants reveals hints of violence

The remains of 57 Irish immigrants have been found in a mass grave in Pennsylvania. It was believed that they succumbed to cholera, but the bones show evidence of murder. Two skulls unearthed at a probable mass grave near Philadelphia this month showed signs of violence, including a possible bullet