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17th-century church excavated in Florida

A mission church dating back to 1677 has undergone excavation in St. Augustine, Florida. The church is believed to be part of the Nombre De Dios Mission, which was the longest lasting mission in the Southeast dating back to 1587, said Gifford Waters, a researcher for the Florida Museum of Natural

1,200-year-old church found in Germany

Traces of a 1,200-year-old church have been found built into part of the Old Cathedral in Mainz, which itself dates back 1,000 years. In the so-called "Old Cathedral" in Mainz, which is today the evangelical Church of St John, archaeologists found the remains of another church built 1,200 years ago in

Medieval church found in Wales

The remains of a medieval church have been uncovered on an island off the coast of Wales. The discovery was made by archaeologist Matt Jones during work to install a new electricity cable at St Ffinan’s Church, near Talwrn, Anglesey. The present church was built in 1841, but the excavation uncovered the