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Landmine removal makes way for Iron Age excavation

Excavations on an Iron Age city located near the Syrian-Turkish border are set to begin after over 1,000 landmines were removed from the area. The archaeologist, who has undertaken previous digs in the Gaziantep region and speaks a great deal of Turkish, explained that the team has ambitious plans for the

Illegally excavated mosaic leads to discovery of Roman city

The Roman city of Germenicia, which has lain hidden underground for over 1,500 years has been found thanks to an illegally excavated mosaic found under a house in Turkey. he Roman-era city of Germenicia was unearthed by chance during an illegal excavation in the basement of a house. Preliminary examinations showed

Ancient city found on Socotra Island

The remains of a city which dates back to the second century AD has been found on Socotra Island. The team said that the remains of the exposed ancient houses, roads, alleys and squares indicated that the city had been an administrative, religious and cultural area for the entire island, reports

6th century BC city bulldozed to make way for railroad

The ancient city of Danyawaddy in Burma, which dates back to the 6th century BC, has been razed to make way for a new railroad line. The most ancient city of Arakan, known historically as Danyawaddy, which existed in the 6 century BCE, was destroyed by bulldozers for construction of a

Bronze Age ditch identified in Hereford, England

A Bronze Age ditch has been found in Hereford which may have been used to mark the city's old boundary. It is 5m (16ft) deep in places and was found using aerial, laser scanning equipment to map the land's contours. The ditch has been filled in with earth over the

2,000-year-old city found in China

The ruins of an Eastern Han Dynasty city have been found in China. The site, located near Fujiacun village in Fengcheng city in Jiangxi province, covers about 18,000 square metres and is surrounded by a moat, Xinhua news agency reported. About 30 metres of the wall surrounding the ancient city

Ancient Roman city found off coast of Libya

The remains of a Roman city, dating back to the 2nd century A.D., have been found underwater, off the coast of Libya. The discovery took place on the Cape of Ras Eteen on the western side of Libya's Gulf of Bumbah, as archaeologists were searching the area for shipwrecks and the