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Traces of Neolitich civilization found in India

Archaeologists in India have found trace elements of a Neolithic civilization near the Kondaveedu fortress. Mr. Rao says that cup marks, pieces of pottery and hard rock stones found near two caves on the way to the fortress from the west entrance (Kota village), have been clinching evidences of existence

Logging caused Nazca civilization collapse

Archaeologists have found that one reason for the demise of the Nazca civilization in Peru was due to logging.The Nazca are famous for creating complex line drawings that can only be seen from the air in the Nazca desert, Peru 400km south of Lima. They were created between 500BC and 500AD

The Maya civilization may have collapsed due to lack of resources

The builders of the ancient Mayan temples at Tikal in Guatemala switched to inferior wood shortly before they abandoned the city in the 9th century AD. The change is strong evidence that Mayan civilization collapsed because they ran out of resources. Researchers led by David Lentz, a palaeoethnobotanist at the University