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Cobra unlikely to have killed Cleopatra

Researchers have debunked the legend that Cleopatra died from a cobra bite. According to Dr Tyldesley, the ancient accounts say a snake hid in a basket of figs brought in from the countryside, and was also used to kill one or two of her serving maids. But according to Andrew Gray, Cobras

Egyptian discoveries to look forward to in 2011

According to Zahi Hawass, chief of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, the tomb of King Tut's wife, a buried pyramid, the Great Pyramid's secret doors, and the final resting place of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony are some of the amazing discoveries that may be found in 2011. At the present time,

Cleopatra may have died from a drug overdose

A historian is claiming that Cleopatra died from a cocktail of drugs, and not the bite of an asp. 'Cleopatra wanted to remain beautiful in her death to maintain her myth,' he says on the Adventure Science show screened by ZDF entitled Cleopatra‘s Death; How did the last female Pharaoh

Egyptian eye make-up may have had health benefits

New research suggests that the heavy eye make-up worn by the ancient Egyptians may have have medical as well as aesthetic benefits. Lead researcher Philippe Walter said: "We knew ancients Greeks and Romans too had noted the make-up had medicinal properties, but wanted to determine exactly how." The researchers used a tiny

Threshold to Cleopatra’s mausoleum found off Alexandria coast

A giant granite threshold to a door that may have been the entrance to Cleopatra VII's mausoleum has been found off the Alexandria coast. They believe the 15-tonne antiquity would have held a seven metre-high door so heavy that it would have prevented the queen from consoling her Roman lover before

Piece of Cleopatra’s palace lifted out of the Mediterranean Sea

Archaeologists in Egypt have lifted out of the harbour at Alexandria an ancient granite temple pylon from the palace complex of Cleopatra. Divers and underwater archeologists used a giant crane and ropes to lift the 9-ton, 7.4-foot-tall pylon from the murky waters Thursday. The tower was originally part of the entrance to

Closing in on Cleopatra’s tomb

An archaeologist believes the tomb of Cleopatra is at Ptolemy’s Temple, near Alexandria. Whereas Martinez, an attorney-turned-archaeologist who’s proud to proclaim that her work is part of a larger effort by a Dominican-Egyptian team, noted that she convinced the Supreme Council of Antiquities to let her look for Ptolemy’s Temple, near