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Erosion reveals burial in Scottish cliff

Erosion on a cliff face on the Isle of Arran in Scotland has revealed a Bronze Age burial cist. A cist burial spotted hanging from a cliff on the edge of Scotland came from the ceremony of a Bronze Age adult cremated swiftly after their death, say archaeologists investigating the bones

Bronze Age burial cist found in Cornwall cliff

A Bronze Age burial cist containing the remains of a young woman has been found in the face of a cliff in Harlyn Bay in Cornwall, England. Andy Jones, an archaeologist team leader who is an expert in Bronze Age ceremonial monuments, said it was fascinating find because of what had

Nanotechnology used to protect Turkey’s rock tombs

Nanotechnology will be used to restore the ancient rock tombs carved into the cliffs of Dalyan in Southern Turkey. “The project will be realized through nanotechnology. It will be the first time that nanotechnology is used for cultural assets. This practice on Kaunos's rock tombs will be an improvement for other

1,500-year-old defleshed remains found in the cliffs of Nepal

The remains of 27 people stripped of their flesh have been found inside of cliffside caves in Nepal. Nearly 67 percent of the bodies' had been defleshed, most likely with a metal knife, say the researchers, who found the remains in 2010. After the de-fleshing process, the corpses had been neatly laid

The race to research a disappearing Roman villa

Researchers and volunteers are racing to study a Roman villa in England before it disappears over the side of an eroding cliff. Dr Andrew Richardson from the Canterbury Archaeological Trust, which has been excavating the site, said the villa on Folkestone's West Cliff is continuing to erode over the edge and

Skeleton found protruding from cliff in Cyprus

A skeleton has been found protruding from a cliff in Cyprus. Experts believe the skeleton came to the surface due to years of erosion from the sea. The discovery is reminiscent of three skeletons found embracing in the same area back in the 1980s, the likely victims of a strong