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Climate change threatens rock art in England

Researchers at Newcastle University have expressed concern that climate change is putting England's ancient rock art at risk. David Graham, Professor of Ecosystems Engineering (CEG) said: “We wanted to understand the scientific reasons why these stones may deteriorate. Our findings show that predicted changes to our broader environment – such as

Climate change threatens ancient artifacts

From mummies decaying in Siberia to pyramids disappearing into the desert in Sudan, climate change is a very real threat to our past. Melting ice can unlock ancient secrets from the ground, as with the discovery in 1991 of "Oetzi", a 5,300-year-old warrior whose body had been preserved through the

Victorian-era pressed flowers reveal climate change

Researchers are using pressed flowers collected during the Victorian era to shed light on climate change.  Ecologists compared samples of early spider orchids, held in collections with notes showing the exact day in spring when they were picked in southern England from 1848-1958, and dates when the same flower blossomed

Shipworms threatens maritime treasures

Temperature changes in the Baltic Sea has allowed shipworms to move in, threatening to destroy underwater archaeological sites in ten years. The shipworm is capable of completely destroying large maritime archaeological finds in only 10 years, and while it has avoided the Baltic Sea in the past, since it does not