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Comet did not wipe out Clovis people

A team of researchers has concluded that a comet did not wipe out the Clovis culture 13,000 years ago. A comet crashing into the Earth some 13,000 years ago was thought to have spelled doom to a group of early North American people, and possibly the extinction of ice age beasts

15,500-year-old stone tools rewrite American history

A huge collection of recently discovered stone tools are rewriting American history by suggesting that the Clovis people were not America's original immigrants. The hunter gatherers associated with this technology were thought to have crossed from Siberia into Alaska via a land bridge that became exposed when sea levels dropped. Evidence

Connection found between humans and gomphotheres

A gomphothere is an elephant like creature that lived in North America before becoming supposedly becoming extinct some 30,000 years ago. It was previously believed that humans and gomphotheres did not cross paths, but the discovery of 12,000-year-old Clovis heads are turning that theory on its head. This finding completes a

Evidence against Ice Age comet strike

Researchers have compiled evidence which shows that it was unlikely that an Ice Age comet strike nearly wiped out the Clovis people and three-quarters of North America's large animals. Theories emerged that a comet may have slammed into the ice fields of eastern Canada, sufficiently altering the climate enough to

Did a cataclysmic event wipe out the Clovis hunters and their prey?

Scientists are examining evidence that points to a cataclysmic event which may have wiped out North American mega-fauna, as well as the Clovis hunter-gatherer culture, 13,000 years ago. Haynes has dedicated his scientific career to the study of the Clovis people -- the first well-defined culture in the New World

Clovis point sheds light on ancient people

A rare clovis point found in the Tucson basin is shedding new light on the earliest North American human settlers. These Clovis people, as they’re now called, are the predecessors of the ancestors of Native Americans. They hunted and gathered all over the continent and in the Southwest, they primarily inhabited