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Secret Viking code cracked

A runic code called jötunvillur has been decrypted by a runologist from the University of Oslo. “It was very common to use codes. Much of the population mastered them. That’s why I think they were something people picked up at the same time they learned the runic alphabet. If you had

WWII code found earlier this year has been cracked

Remember earlier this year the remains of a pigeon was wound with a coded message from WWII? Well, that message has finally been cracked. “Artillery observer at ‘K’ Sector, Normandy. Requested headquarters supplement report. Panzer attack – blitz. West Artillery Observer Tracking Attack. Lt Knows extra guns are here. Know where local

18th century Burmese letter made of gold deciphered

An 18th century Burmese letter, written in gold and rubies, has been deciphered in Germany. The 'golden letter', written by Burmese King Alaungphaya in the year 1756 to England's King George II, lay in the vaults of Hanover's Leibniz library for 250 years, as nobody could read its contents. The letter, which

Coded Civil War message deciphered 147 years later

A message in a bottle delivered to a Confederate general during the American Civil War has been decoded. In the encrypted message, a commander tells Gen John Pemberton that no reinforcements are available to help him defend Vicksburg, Mississippi. "You can expect no help from this side of the river," says the

Real Da Vinci code found in France

A coded manuscript by Leonardo da Vinci has been found in a public library in Nantes, France. The document was found after a journalist came across a reference to it in a Leonardo biography, the library said.It was among 5,000 manuscripts donated by wealthy collector Pierre-Antoine Labouchere in 1872 and

Historian cracks Plato’s code

A researcher has uncovered a hidden code in the writings of the philosopher Plato. Dr Kennedy, whose findings are published in the leading US journal Apeiron, reveals that Plato used a regular pattern of symbols, inherited from the ancient followers of Pythagoras, to give his books a musical structure. A

11 legendary uncracked ciphers

WebUrbanist has posted an interesting list about eleven legendary uncracked ciphers. [Thx Tron] The Beale Papers Want $40 million in buried gold, silver and jewels? All you have to do is solve an infamously “impossible” set of ciphertexts, one of which effectively provides that much-sought X on the map.