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1,700-year-old lead coffin found near Rome

An unusual sheet-metal coffin, made from a 360kg slab of lead, has been unearthed just outside Rome. [Thx Kristen] The gravesite at Gabii, a once-thriving city-state located about 20 kilometres from the centre of old Rome, is prompting speculation by experts that a great gladiator, beloved bishop or some other

1,800-year-old grave found in Vietnam

A, 1,800-year-old grave has been unearthed in the city of Hai Phong, Vietnam. The grave was discovered at depth of more than five meters underground while a construction crew dug on the side of the Thanh Den Mountain to enlarge the Tan Phu Xuan Cement Factory. The grave was made of ironwood

The grave of Charles Dickinson

An archaeologists in Tennessee beleives he has found the grave of Charles Dickinson, who was killed by Andrew Jackson during a duel in 1806. "History sort of turned at that duel, and it should have gone the other way; Jackson should have been killed. Dickinson was a much better shot," said

Unique Bronze Age burial uncovered in Scotland

Archaeologists have discovered an 4,000-year-old Bronze Age grave and artifacts in Perthshire, Scotland. Few remains of the body were found, but the archaeologists said it would have lain on a bed of quartz pebbles in sand, in a large stone coffin. A bronze dagger with a gold band was discovered inside the