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Cold War satellite leads to discovery of 10,000 new sites

A recent analysis of Cold War satellite imagery has tripled the number of known archaeological sites in the Middle East. "Some of these sites are gigantic, and they were completely unknown," says atlas-team archaeologist Jesse Casana of the University of Arkansas, who presented the results. "We can see all kinds of

Japan confirms secret Cold War-era pacts with US

Japan has confirmed the existence of secret Cold War-era pacts with the US that allowed nuclear-armed warships to enter Japanese ports, violating Tokyo's postwar principles. While declassified U.S. documents have already confirmed such 1960s agreements, Tuesday's revelation broke with decades of official denials. The investigation by a government-mandated panel

The spy who started the Cold War

MI5 and KGB files have revealed the identity of the spy who passed Britain’s atomic bomb secrets to the Soviet Union, triggering the Cold War. For ten years a Soviet spy codenamed “Eric” fed Britain’s nuclear secrets to Moscow, paving the way for the Cold War. The KGB treasured him as