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Remains of medieval horse found at Roman Colosseum

The remains of a medieval horse have been found near the steps to the basement of the Colosseum in Rome. The find was made while cleaning the area around the steps to the monument's basement, Rome's Superintendent for Archaeology Francesco Prosperetti said. The horse's skull dates back to between the 12th and

Painted numbers found on Colosseum walls

Restorers working on Rome's Colosseum have uncovered red painted numbers similar to today's stadium seating systems. Traces of painted red numbers have been discovered during the ongoing restoration of the Colosseum, indicating various sectors of the amphitheatre similar to the seating system employed by today's stadiums. The numbers were painted on the

Tourist heavily fined for defacing Colosseum

A Russian tourist has been slapped with a €20,000 fine after he was caught etching a letter into one of the ground-floor bricks of the historic Colosseum in Rome. This is the fifth tourist this year who has been caught damaging the ancient stadium. The man used a sharp stone to

Medieval dwellings found in Rome’s Colosseum

Excavations in the Colosseum in Rome have led to the discovery of late Medieval dwellings. Archaeologists from Roma Tre University and students from the American University of Rome unearthed evidence showing that ordinary Romans lived within the Colosseum from the ninth century until at least 1349, when the building was seriously

Rome’s Colosseum undergoes cleaning

Restoration crews are busy working on cleaning 2,000 years of dirt off of the Colosseum in Rome. The $35 million project—the first full cleaning in the Colosseum's history—aims to return it to its former splendor, while also strengthening the overall structure. Earthquakes, the pillaging of pieces of its outer frame, heavy

Teenager caught stealing brick from Colosseum

A Canadian teenager has been caught trying to steal a brick from Rome's Colosseum. The 15-year-old reportedly wanted to take a “unique” souvenir home from one of the world’s most famous ancient sites, Italian daily Il Messaggero reported. During a school trip the girl broke away a brick from the Colosseum, likely

Restoration work begins on Rome’s Colosseum

Thanks to a private $33 million dollar donation, restoration work has now begun on Rome's Colosseum. While that moment isn't at hand, the Colosseum is a mess. Traffic pollution has blackened the once colorful walls and pieces have fallen off. The recession means the city can't afford to clean up the

Commodus’ mini-Colosseum found near Rome

Archaeologists working in southeast Rome believe they have found a mini-Colosseum that was errected by the Emperor Commodus in the 2nd century A.D. Archaeologists from Montclair State University, in New Jersey, believe that a large oval area with curved walls and floors made of marble is, in fact, the arena where