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Ancient village found in Columbia

The remains of a pre-Columbian village have been found in central Columbia. According to the involved archaeologists, the remains found at the site dated from 900BC until approximate 1500AD when most indigenous groups died amid a violent Spanish colonization of territory belonging to the ancient Muisca people. The archaeologists found numerous pieces

Aburraes Indian tomb found in Medellin, Columbia

Construction workers in Medellin, Columbia, have unearthed a tomb believed to have been built by the Aburraes Indians. The tomb held numerous ornate burial gifts, including gold jewelry and ceramics, leading archaeologist to believe the ancient tomb belonged to the ‘Aburraes” indigenous tribe.  Medellin sits in a narrow valley originally inhabited

Crocodiles ancestor found in Colombian coal mine

The 60-million-year old fossilized remains of a crodocile ancestor has been uncovered in the same Columbian mine as the world's largest snake. The findings, outlined in the journal Paleontology, suggest that members of these two predatory species might have fought to the death 60 million years ago. Titanoboa measured an incredible

New species of extinct turtle found in Columbian coal mine

A new fossil turtle species has been found in Columbia's Cerrejón coal mine. About as thick as a standard dictionary, this turtle's shell may have warded off attacks by the Titanoboa, thought to have been the world's biggest snake, and by other, crocodile-like creatures living in its neighborhood 60 million