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Rune-inscribed comb found in Germany

The oldest engravings of letters ever found in central Germany have been discovered on an ancient deer antler comb. The letters spell out “Kama”, meaning comb, the president of the state Heritage and Archaeology Management Office, Sven Ostritz, said on Thursday. It is the oldest ever example of runic writing to be

Carlisle Castle excavation complete

A decade long excavation at Carlisle Castle has turned up 80,000 roman artifacts, including a rare piece of articulated armour and a nit comb with a louse still in it. Experts say the city is now ranked as one of the most important settlements in the north of England. Senior

Old outhouses a window into 19th century Sacramento

Archaeologists who dug up and researched objects thrown away in old downtown Sacramento outhouses have now handed the artifacts to a museum. Where a huge state building now stands, the archaeologists found the stuff of everyday life: bottles, buttons, combs, spittoons, chamber pots and all kinds of animal bones. "Some would say