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Unknown medieval complex found in England

A mysterious collection of medieval buildings, with no known trace in the historical record, has been unearthed on a farm in Somerset, England. The handsome floor tiles match some from nearby Glastonbury Abbey, suggesting that the site may have had religious connections. But although thousands of monastic foundations were demolished and

Zapotec burial complex found in Mexico

The 1,200-year-old tomb of a high-ranking Zapotec individual has been found in Oaxaca, Mexico. Archaeologists managed to get into the third pre-Columbian burial chamber, which contained human remains that are likely those of a male, INAH archaeology coordinator Nelly Robles Garcia said. The remains will be analyzed to determine the age, nutrition

Temple complex found in French countryside

An ancient religious complex, dating back 2,000 years, has been uncovered in Le Mans, France. Excavations near the antique city of Vindunum (now Le Mans) have revealed a vast religious site dating from the first to the third centuries AD with remarkably well-preserved offerings. Sometimes archaeology requires imagination. And you

Phoenician army complex found in Cyprus

The remains of a Phoenician garrison has been found in Cyprus. Buildings overlooking a previously discovered Phoenician complex more than 2,000 years old were found at the ancient city of Idalion, the island's Antiquities department said on Friday.The complex, linked by a tower, were found to discover metal weapons, inscriptions