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Early Nazi concentration camp excavated in Berlin

The Columbia Concentration Camp, ran by the Nazis between 1933 and 1936, is undergoing excavation in Berlin. Columbia served as a training center to teach and perfect new torture methods that would later be employed to run Germany's huge network of concentration camps around Europe. "This was not just a place where

What Anne Frank would look like at age 80

The Telegraph has posted a picture showing what Anne Frank would have looked like at age 80, had she not died of typhus and starvation in 1945 at age 15 in the Bergen Belsen concentration camp. The firm describes the technique as "part art, part science and a little intuition", and

US President Obama to Trace Family History in Germany

US President Barack Obama is traveling to Germany in June on a personal trip to Dresden and the Buchenwald concentration camp in search of his family history. Obama's great-uncle, Charlie Payne, served in the 89th Infantry Division during World War II and participated in the liberation of Ohrdruf, a forced labor

List of British prisoners of war found buried in Auschwitz bunker

A list containing the names of 17 British soldiers has been discovered in a bunker at the Auschwitz concentration camp. It is puzzling researchers because they have no idea why it was there. The document is a piece of white celluloid with 17 surnames handwritten in pencil in block letters, while