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Revolutionary War encampment found in Connecticut

A possible Revolutionary War-era encampment has been discovered by archaeologists working in Redding, Connecticut. “The soil profile is exactly the same at the Middle Encampment. And though, at first, other kinds of artifact densities appeared to be less … we did a very small amount of metal detecting and our numbers

LiDAR used to map colonial-era roads and farmsteads

Researchers working in Connecticut and Massachusetts are employing the use of LiDAR technology to map the colonial-era roads and farmsteads in the area. The airborne technology bounces laser light pulses off the ground to generate precise pictures of surface features. A quiet revolution in archaeology has resulted from LiDAR's advent, with

Colonial remains found after Hurricane Sandy uproots historic tree

The crazy winds of Hurricane Sandy uprooted a historic tree in New Haven, Connecticut, revealing a human skeleton that may date back to colonial times. Hartman says the tree was planted on the green in 1909 on the 100th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln's birth. He says the remains likely belong

Tropical Storm Irene reveals human remains

As Tropical Storm Irene blasted through Connecticut it uncovered human remains from what may have been a Native American burial site. Part of Linden Avenue collapsed from the storm and neighbors of a beach there found what they believed were human bones protruding from the embankment that the storm eroded and called Branford