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Parts of Greenwich Palace unearthed in London

Construction work in London has uncovered two rooms in the Tudor palace where Henry VIII was born. Two rooms from the grand palace – comparable in scale and grandeur to Hampton Court. A floor featuring lead-glazed tiles has been exposed and these are likely to be from the service range, possibly

Medieval brewery found in England

Highway construction in England has led to the discovery of a medieval brewery. Among the more puzzling finds was a pair of rectangular structures (one shown in photo) with sloping sides of stepped-out limestones. But what were they used for? One clue is in the smoke-blackened floor and flue (gap in the

Metro construction uncovered ancient Roman aqueduct

Metro construction in Rom has led to the discovery of a 100-foot-long section of 2,300-year-old aqueduct. It measures two metres tall, and is made up of equally-sized blocks arranged in five rows. As for location, it lies 17-18 metres below Rome's Piazza Celimontana, slightly to the south-east of the Colosseum in

Ancient necropolis unearthed in Bulgaria

An ancient necropolis containing six family tombs and 20 pit burials has been found in Bulgaria. The family tombs appear to have been damaged during construction work in the 1950s and 1960s. Yulian Meshekov, leader of the archaeological excavations, said that the tombs were cut practically at foundation level, with little of

Wind god temple found in Mexico City

A temple to the god of wind, Ehecatl-Quetzalcoatl, has been uncovered at a construction site in Mexico City. Archaeologists working in Mexico City have uncovered a circular temple built more than 650 years ago to worship a god of wind. It was excavated at a site discovered two years ago when a

Stonehenge wasn’t that hard to build after all

Some experiential research carried out by University College London has found that moving Stonehenge's large stones required far less effort than was expected. In fact the one tonne stone whizzed along the make-shift silver birch track when pulled by just 10 people, moving at around 10 feet every five seconds –

Studying Neanderthal construction

Researchers are studying a number of semicircular walls built from Stalagmites by Neanderthals 176,000 years ago. Neanderthals built one of the world’s oldest constructions — 176,000-year-old semicircular walls of stalagmites in the bowels of a cave in southwest France. The walls are currently the best evidence that Neanderthals built substantial structures

19th-century ship found in Boston

The remains of a ship from the 19th century has been found underground at a construction site in Boston. Boston’s archeologist, Joe Bagley, said so far he and his colleagues, who were called to the scene, have determined, based on the ship’s nails, that the vessel is from the mid-to-late 19th