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Lost continent discovered in Indian Ocean

Researchers have found evidence of an ancient lost continent in the Indian Ocean that "drowned" during continental shifts 85 million years ago. A well-known tourist destination, Mauritius is located about 1,200 miles (2,000 kilometers) off the coast of Africa, east of Madagascar. Scientists think the tiny island formed some nine million

Insects trapped in amber raise questions about India’s origins

A veritable trove of insects found preserved in amber for millions of years is raising questions about how long India was isolated before it merged with the Asian continent. The insects – bees, termites, spiders, and flies – had been entombed in the vast Cambay deposit in western India for

A new way of dating rocks

Scientists have developed a new technique which allows them to precisely date ancient volcanic rocks by analysing the composition of minerals inside them. By aligning rocks that have a similar age and orientation, the early landmasses can be pieced together. This will aid the discovery of rocks rich in ore and oil