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Avenue of Sphinxes uproots families

The project to recreate the "Avenue of the Sphinxes", which once connected the temples of Luxor and Karnak in the ancient city of Thebes, is causing controversy as families are being uprooted to make way for the 2.7km tourist attraction. "I will not be forced out of my home

Greece rejects British Museum’s terms for Elgin Marbles loan

Greece has denied the British Museum's terms and conditions for allowing the famed Elgin Marbles to go on display at the New Acropolis Museum. Culture Minister Antonis Samaras said the museum’s loan condition -- that Greece acknowledge the fifth-century B.C. antiquities as the property of the British Museum -- would be

Controversy brewing over suspected cleaning of ancient rock art

An archaeologist claims that someone has been secretly cleaning a Utah tourist attraction with a high-pressure washer, damaging the world-famous rock art in Nine Mile Canyon. The biggest issue is dust from hundreds of industry vehicles. Miller says dust is obscuring many ancient artworks. "We suspect it's being damaged, but we

Babylon Ruins Reopen in Iraq, to Controversy

The ancient city of Babylon has has a rough time in recent years, taking significant damage under the hands of various armies and Saddam Hussein. In the 1980s Mr. Hussein ordered the reconstruction of Nebuchadnezzar’s palace and other buildings, using cheap bricks on foundations built 2,600 years ago. Many were stamped