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Convict artifacts found at Port Arthur prison

Gambling tokens, buttons and carved clay pipes have been uncovered at Port Arthur prison in Tasmania. In the 1860s a second period of development saw toilets and washing areas erected for the prison population. One of the most curious aspects of the site was the advanced nature of the facilities. "There is a

Tasmanian convict artifacts found in Hobart

Over 300 convict-era artifacts have been found underneath the floorboards of Hobart's historic Penitentiary Chapel in Tasmania. The discovery at Hobart's historic Penitentiary Chapel includes coins, clay pipes, home-made wooden gambling tokens, a writing slate and bones. Archaeologist David Roe says it is particularly exciting because the artefacts are very personal items

Gold Rush-era bodies of hanged convicts found

Four Gold Rush-era bodies belonging to hanged convicts have been found by construction workers building a new sewage treatment plant in the Yukon. All four bodies uncovered to date have been in coffins, although remains of the fourth coffin were not found until Tuesday. "We are certain that these are

Details of original Australian convicts released

The personal details of convicts sent down under 200 years ago have been put online. The British government has released the details to coincide with Australia Day on Tuesday, allowing individuals to search through an online data base to check if they are descended from criminals. If they do find they

Evidence found of first British convict settlement in Queensland, Australia

Archaeologists working at a site in Redcliffe have discovered evidence of rhe first European settlement in Queensland, dating back 185 years. It took years of negotiations and false starts, thousands of swings of the shovel and hours of trowelling sediment on the banks of Humpybong Creek to complete the quest. But yesterday