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Cache of coins found at Denmark’s Kastellet

A cache of coins dating between 1649-1787 have been found at the star-shaped fortress of Kastellet in Copenhagen. The trove comprises nine copper coins and 23 silver pieces. In total, 620 metal objects were found in the area, including musket balls and other pieces of used or discarded ammunition. While archaeological finds

Smelly 18th centry latrines unearthed in Copenhagen

Two 300-year-old latrines have been unearthed underneath Kultorvet Square in Copenhagen, and apparently they still smell! ”Well, it smells like rotten eggs,” archaeologist and excavation expert Hoda El-Sharnouby told Politiken newspaper. El-Sharnouby’s team made the stinky but stunning find which includes two outhouses filled with nearly 300-year-old faeces. The privies and their