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Ancient Fremont people’s poop examined

An archaeologist from the Utah State University Eastern Prehistoric Museum has been examining the coprolites of the Fremont people who lived in the area between 400 to 1350 A.D. to determine what they ate and how it affected their health. Because such matter is not easily preserved, human coprolites are particularly

Poop: The oldest direct evidence of people in America

Human coprolites (fossilized poop) found in Oregon's Paisley Caves have been dated back 14,500 years, making them the oldest direct evidence of people in America. Some of the most interesting discoveries in archaeology come from sifting through ancient garbage dumps. Scientists working in Oregon have found one that has yielded what

Shark bites found in ancient poop

A series of coprolites (fossilized poop) have been found showing bite marks from an ancient species of shark. But why were they biting poop? I thought this was an interesting article to read and I enjoyed how it reveals the researchers' thought-process and shows you how they reached their conclusions.

Oldest Human Hairs Found in Hyena Dung

The oldest human hairs ever found have been discovered embedded in ancient hyena coprolites. Lucinda Backwell, a paleontologist in the group, took a sediment block containing several coprolites back to the lab for a closer look. She and a colleague carefully removed forty of the "hairs apparent" from one of the