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Hoard of Roman coins found in Cornwall

A couple metal detectorists have uncovered a hoard of nearly 2,000 Roman coins. A pair of metal detecting enthusiasts have spoken of their disbelief and joy after they unearthed nearly 2,000 Roman coins in a farmer’s field in Cornwall. Mixed up with the money was the remains of a pure tin container,

100-year-old beer bottle found in ancient church

An intact beer bottle from the early 20th century has been found in a 6th-century church in Cornwall. “There is a small amount of the original beer left in the bottle. So, who knows, we might even be able to work out which of Walter’s ales played its small part in

Bronze Age burial cist found in Cornwall cliff

A Bronze Age burial cist containing the remains of a young woman has been found in the face of a cliff in Harlyn Bay in Cornwall, England. Andy Jones, an archaeologist team leader who is an expert in Bronze Age ceremonial monuments, said it was fascinating find because of what had

Roman artifacts rewrite history of South West England

Roman coins, pottery and slag found in Cornwall are challenging the notion that the Romans did not settle the South West of England. Mr Smith said: "For Roman Britain it's an important and quite crucial discovery because it tells us a lot about Roman occupation in the South West that

Ancient castle damaged by vandals

Vandals have damaged the wall of a Cornish castle which dates back to the 11th Century AD. The offenders struck in the early hours of Sunday and pulled a number of large stones from the wall of the Great Hall at Launceston Castle. English Heritage, which maintains and runs the castle on

Sewage work uncovers remains of round house from 1500BC

A sewage treatment project in Cornwall, England, has ground to a halt after the discovery of ancient stones thought to denote the location of a round house dating back to 1500BC. According to Mr Jones such discoveries are relatively frequent across the county. "We have excavated between 20 to 30 of these