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Petroglyph found in Costa Rica

An ancient petroglyph dating back between 300-800 A.D. has been been found in Costa Rica. The petroglyph shows an image that experts say represents a hummingbird, a very important symbol for Costa Rica’s indigenous peoples. The bird was a symbol of fertility among local indigenous groups, they said. The rock also has two compound

Pre-Spanish discoveries in Costa Rica

Evidence of thriving ancient cultures have been found at three sites in Costa Rica. To most Costa Ricans – Ticos and expats alike – Costa Rican history begins with the arrival of the Spanish in 1502. Recent developments and archeological finds are painting a far different picture however. In fact, there

Pre-Columbian burial ground discoverde in Costa Rica

An 800-year-old pre-Columbian burial ground, complete with baskets full of human remains, has been unearthed outside of San Jose, Costa Rica. "It's a funeral complex made from river stones and slabs," Maritza Gutierrez, who heads the digs at the Tres Rios district 10 kilometers (six miles) from the capital, told

Pre-Columbian cemetery found in Costa Rica

Archaeologists have uncovered a Pre-Columbian cemetery dating back between 300 and 800A.D. According to Corrales, the cemetery was built by an indigenous group of the Huetares who inhabited the area between 300 and 800 AD. “During this phase, known as La Selva, these groups existed within a complex social organization that