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Cow jawbone sheds light on cattle domestication in China

The jawbone of a cow, discovered in China, has revealed that cattle domestication in the area began about 10,000 years ago. After excavating the jawbone of a cow in northern China with telltale characteristics of being a domesticated animal, a multidisciplinary team of researchers report that humans may have started domesticating

Anglo-Saxon woman found buried with a cow

A bizarre burial of a woman with a cow has been unearthed in Cambridgeshire, England. Student Jake Nuttall said: "Male warriors might be buried with horses, but a woman and a cow is new to us." He added: "We were excited when we thought we had a horse, but realising it was

All modern cows descended from single herd

Genetic research has show that all modern domesticated cows originated from a single herd of wild ox that lived 10,500 years ago. A team of geneticists from the National Museum of Natural History in France, the University of Mainz in Germany, and UCL in the UK excavated the bones of domestic

Animals have free run of ancient Greek city

Goats, cows and sheep are running amok in the ancient Greek city of Cyrene in eastern Libya. ”We really want someone to look at tourism and for companies to invest. Most of the artifacts are still buried. Tourism has been neglected,” said unemployed Shahaat resident Hamdy Bzeiwi, who has seen little