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Britain’s oldest cremated remains

Cremated bone dating back to the Mesolithic period has been found in southeastern England, making it the oldest cremation in Britain. Burnt material, including 118g of cremated bone, was placed into a pit with a diameter of about a metre, and then backfilled with soil. Three radiocarbon dates, two from bone

150 cremated remains found in Mexico

Archaeologists in Mexico have unearthed a collection of 145 pots containing the cremated remains of 150 people at the site of Cerro de Trincheras. The pots emphasized by their variety of shapes and forms; some represent pumpkins, others are oval shaped with two perforations, or with a tall neck and a

Iron Age cremated remains found in England

Five burial urns, complete with cremated remains, have been found near the entrance to the Iron Age city of Verlamion in England. The urns themselves have stayed safe underground for two millennia, despite being buried just 40cm below the surface, where local school children were until recently using the site as

Iron Age cremated bodies found in England

The remains of two cremated bodies which date back 2,000 years have been found in Cawston, England. The bodies were not intact as they were laying in sand which does not preserve bone well, but project officer for Cotswold Archaeology, Vasileios Tsamis, said it was by far the most important discovery

Roman cemetery found in Kent, England

A late Roman burial ground has been unearthed outside of Faversham, England. Several different floors have been found, made from flint cobbles and compacted chalk, as well as 1st, 2nd and 3rd century ditches.In Roman times this site, which was just outside the Roman town of Durolevum, contained a cemetery