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Dutch government returns stolen antiquities to Iraq

The Dutch government has returned dozens of stolen antiquities back to Iraq. The 69 pieces include cylindrical stone seals older than 2000 B.C. and a terra-cotta relief depicting a bearded man praying. "These things should not be bought and sold," said Diederik Meijer, an archaeologist with the Dutch National Museum for Antiquities,

Idol smugglers arrested in India

Four members of an artifact smuggling gang have been arrested in India. The arrests took place in Kushinagar in Kaushambhi district, about 300 km from Lucknow. “Acting on a tip-off, we arrested them in Kokhraj locality with 13 ancient ashtadhatu (eight-metal) idols of Lord Rama, Buddha and Krishna,” district police chief R.K.

7 Infamous Offices That Decided The Fate Of Millions

Ahoys has compiled a list of seven infamous offices that decided the fate of millions, including the cabinet war rooms in London to Pablo Escobar's headquarters in Antioquia. Some of the choices seem a bit arbitrary though (I don't believe John Gotti's headquarters, the Ravenite Social Club, affected millions of

3,000-year-old neolithic cold case murders

3,000 years ago in what is now the southern German town of Bad Buchau, six murders took place, mostly children. Now scientists are trying to piece together what happened. The scientists found six skulls equally spaced on the outside of the palisade fence surrounding the settlement. Only the skulls of the

Egypt to ‘prove’ Germany stole Nefertiti bust

Egyptian officials will soon provide evidence to present a case that the famous 3,400-year-old bust of Queen Nefertiti was illegally exported from Egypt. "We are still gathering information, but I expect we will shortly have enough to place a formal request to the Berlin Museum for the return of the bust,"

Looted treasures return to Afghanistan

More than 1,500 looted artifacts have been returned to Afghanistan. They include a magnificent tall bronze bird. Nine-hundred years ago, its owner would have burned incense in the drawer that slots into its puffed chest. "We are really happy to have our objects back," says Mohammad Fahim Rahimi, who has been preparing

Charges laid in looting of Four Corners burial sites

A ring of grave robbers have been charged with looting Native American burial sites in the Four Corners area of the US, a region that consists of southwest Colorado, northwest New Mexico, northeast Arizona and southeast Utah. Roughly 250 artifacts estimated to be worth more than $335,000 allegedly were stolen by

Thracian tomb unearthed in Bulgaria

A team of archeologists have unearthed a new Thracian tomb close to the southern town of Kazanlak, Bulgaria. The tomb is in close proximity to the village of Dolno Izvorovo. It is situated a few meters under a tumulus that is a cultural monument. It is located deep under the earth