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Fresco stolen from House of Neptune in Pompeii

A portion of a small fresco, depicting Artemis and Apollo has been chipped away and stolen from the House of Neptune in Pompeii. Citing an employee at the world's largest open-air museum, newspapers Il Mattino and Il Messaggero said the fresco portion, measuring roughly 20x20 cm, has been missing from the

Armed men plunder Leiden University archaeological finds

A collection of artifacts gathered over the past 25 years by researchers from Leiden University has been plundered by a group of armed men in Syria. None of the researchers know what the damage is, because they are unable to personally go to the site where the depots are located due

Medieval Scottish murder victim unearthed

The remains of a 900-year-old murder victim found in East Lothian, Scotland has been unearthed and examined. Analysis revealed he was fatally stabbed four times in the back, twice in the left shoulder and in the ribs. The archaeologists said he was over the age of 20. They said his build was slightly

1,500 looted artifacts recovered by Egyptian police

Police in Egypt have recovered than 1,500 ancient artifacts from a house in Cairo. The antiquities seized during a raid on a house in Zawiyat Abu Musallem, a Cairo suburb, on Monday included ancient statues, amulets and limestone false doors of the type commonly built in ancient Egyptian tombs as a

Illegal excavation leads to discovery of Egyptian tombs

An illegal excavation in the Roman necropolis at al-Qantar in Egypt has lead to the discovery of two 1st-century tombs. The tomb is 6.5 meters high and 2.5 meters long. It is built of mud brick and has a vaulted ceiling and a burial shaft. One of the tomb’s walls is

Coptic Christian icons seized at Cairo airport

Customs officials have seized three Coptic Christian icons at the airport in Cairo. Ahmed al-Rawy, head of the Central Administration of Archaeological Units, said that the first icon is 24 x 30 cm, made of wood, the second 21 x 16 cm, also made of wood, and the third 18 x

Syrian archaeological sites in danger from looters

Business Week has posted an interesting article about the problem of looters in Syria. According to UNESCO, there are more endangered archaeological sites in Syria than anywhere else in the world. “We feel bitter and sad -- many sites have been destroyed before our eyes,” Mamoun Abdul-Karim, head of Syria’s Directorate-General

Illegal excavation damages Egyptian buildings

Several cracks have appeared in six buildings in Alexandria, Egypt, due to an illegal excavation in the vicinity. Six buildings sustained damage early Thursday morning in Alexandria's Karmouz neighbourhood, possibly due to unauthorised excavations under an adjacent building. No casualties have so far been reported. Police have arrested one suspect, Ahmed Hassan