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Video footage shows illegal tunnels in Egypt

The Egyptian police have released video footage that shows several illegal tunnels dug by looters in search of Egyptian treasures. Since the revolution in Egypt, large holes have been appearing in the ground close to places of archaeological significance, such as the Great Pyramids at Giza. As the BBC's Aleem Maqbool discovered,

Tomb raiders threaten Egyptian heritage

The elimination of Mubarak's police services have left Egyptian archaeological sites unprotected and at the mercy of gangs of looters. The looters "work from sunset to sunrise. It's systematic; it's open; it's in front of everyone," says Monica Hanna, 29, an archaeologist. Tomb raiding in Egypt dates to antiquity; however, since the

Artifacts stolen from Lebanon archaeology museum

Thirty artifacts have been stolen from the archaeology museum in the Jbeil district of Lebanon in a a daring nighttime raid. The artifacts were stolen by thieves overnight and were easily carried out of the museum, Layoun said in a statement after visiting Jbeil earlier in the day. He added that the

Mexican drug smugglers profiting from illegal artifacts trade

Drug smugglers in Mexico are using their routes along the Texas-Mexico border to transport looted artifacts into the United States. “They would go out and dig something up, or go other co-conspirators and say, ‘Hey, we have an order for this type of artifact, do any of you all have it?’

Rare vase from 2nd century B.C. found in antique shop

Police in Spain have seized a rare vase which dates back to the 2nd century B.C. from an antique shop in El Campello. Authorities believe the vase was looted and have arrested the shop owner. The antiquity had been illegally plundered from an Iberian era archeological site in the province of

Greek looters receive life sentences

Two men convicted of dealing in ancient treasures, which were illegally excavated from a cemetery in northern Greece, have each received life sentences in jail. The court in the northern city of Thessaloniki jailed two more men for 20 and 16 years, respectively, after finding them guilty of digging up and

Three arrested in Greek museum theft

Police in Greece have arrested three individuals in connection with an armed robbery that took place at the Archaeological Museum of Olympia. The three men were arrested Friday in the western Greek city of Patras, close to Ancient Olympia. They were arrested after they tried to sell the most ancient of the

Four petroglyphs chipped out of cliffs and stolen

At least four ancient petroglyphs have been stolen from the cliffs at the Volcanic Tableland in California. The thieves also heavily damaged some of the other glyphs at the site. Federal authorities say at least four petroglyphs have been taken from the site. A fifth was defaced with deep saw cuts