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Roman necropolis found in Croatia

Parking lot construction in Croatia has led to the discovery on a Roman-era necropolis. While they were expanding the parking lot, workers uncovered a number of graves along the northern and eastern side of the foundations, and even though some of them were damaged due to construction works, thanks to the

Neanderthal eagle talon jewelry found in Croatia

Polished eagle talons found in Croatia 100 years ago have been reexamined and researchers now believe the talons were worn by Neanderthals as jewelry 130,000 years ago. However, a discovery that includes a University of Kansas researcher has found that some Neanderthals were more cognitively advanced than we knew. A set

6,500-year-old oven found in Croatia

A 6,500-year-old oven has been found at the site of a Neolithic home in Croatia. The 6,500-year-old oven was unearthed in a ancient home during an archeological dig at a Neolithic site in Bapska, a village in eastern Croatia, which experts say is one of the most important in Europe. Experts

6,500-year-old hunting trophy excavated in Croatia

Archaeologists working in Croatia have unearthed a set of 6,500-year-old deer antlers which used to hang on the wall of a prehistoric house. "We have the oldest deer hunting trophy in Croatia," said Marcel Buric, the head researcher at the Department of Prehistoric Archaeology of the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. According

2,000-year old astrology board found in cave

Researchers working in Croatia have discovered the oldest-known astrology board, dating back over 2,000 years. The surviving portion of the board consists of 30 ivory fragments engraved with signs of the zodiac. Researchers spent years digging them up and putting them back together. Inscribed in a Greco-Roman style, they include images

Roman tombstone fished out of river in Croatia

Divers have discovered a Roman tombstone from the Drava river in Croatia. The relief shows a mythical scene, possibly Venus with two cupids, but archaeologists cannot be certain before the restoration work is completed. Both pieces are believed to date to the second or third century. Underwater archaeologist Kruno Zubcic discovered the

8,000-year-old farming villages excavated in Croatia

Archaeologists have been excavating some early farming villages in Croatia, near the Mediterranean Sea where farmers spread their sedentary lifestyle from the Middle East into Europe. Plant cultivation and animal raising started almost 8,000 years ago at Pokrovnik and lasted for close to a millennium, according to radiocarbon dating of charred

Giant underwater safe protects $8 million shipwreck

A giant cage has been erected around an ancient Greek shipwreck in Croatia, effectively creating an underwater safe. Little remains of the wooden ship but its cargo of earthenware amphora - ceramic vases - still remain stacked row upon row. The vases, which originally contained olive oil and wine, are still tightly