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Gold Viking crucifix found in Denmark

A Viking-era gold crucifix has been unearthed by a metal detectorist scanning a field in Denmark. Dennis had found a small gold pendant, 4,1 cm in height, in the shape of a man with outstretched arms – the image of Christ. The figure is made of fine articulated goldthreads and small

Medieval reliquary found in Bulgaria

A medieval reliquary and a piece of a bronze cross have been found at the ruins of a monastery in Bulgaria. The reliquary probably contained relics of a Christian saint during the Middle Ages but has been found empty. The other artifact is part of the arm of a large decorated bronze

Did the Scots settle Iceland before the vikings?

New discoveries show that Iceland was inhabited nearly 70 years before the traditional dating of Viking settlement. A second cave site at Seljaland, close to Kverkarhellir, contains possible evidence of early occupation. It’s known as the Seljalandshellar cave group and contains 19 large and 4 mid-sized carvings on its walls - representing

Medieval stone crosses, modern problems

Medieval stone crosses are facing serious damage from weathering, erosion and pilgrims. Now people are asking, how can we preserve them for future generations? The damage to the cross has renewed debate about how we should care for and accommodate our infrastructure of remaining high crosses in Ireland, which are