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Early crusader grave found in Finland

A well-preserved Crusader-era burial has been discovered by a metal detectorist scanning a field in Finland. Researchers found a grave dating back to the Crusade-era 12th century. The cadaver had been extremely well preserved allowing researchers to use new techniques to harvest information that would not have been previously possible. On top

Crusader hospital to be turned into restaurant

A thousand-year-old structure in Jerusalem that was used as a hospital during the Crusades is set to be turned into a restaurant and visitor centre next year following a 13-year excavation. Located in the Christian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem and owned by the Muslim Waqf (an Islamic endowment

Ancient toilet reveals Medieval crusaders were infected by parasites

Examination of a toilet in a castle in Cyprus has found that medieval crusaders were plagued with intestinal parasites. Under a microscope, the researchers saw that the samples contained the eggs of two of the world's most common and widespread intestinal parasites: whipworms (Trichuris trichiura), which cause the infection known as