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Crusade-era seal found in Jerusalem

A rare 800-year-old lead seal stamped by the Monastery of St. Sabas has been found in Jerusalem. This is an extraordinarily rare find because no such seal has ever been discovered to date,” the archeologists said in a joint statement. “Also, the object possibly contributes important historical information about the surroundings

Horde of gold coins found in Crusader castle

A horde of gold coins dating back 1,000 years has been found hidden beneath the floor in a Crusader castle in Israel. The 108 coins - one of the biggest collections of ancient coins discovered in Israel - were found hidden in a ceramic jug beneath a tile floor at the

Crusader-era stash of items from destroyed Jerusalem buildings found

An excavation in Jerusalem has turned up a stash of 350 marble items that were collected from destroyed buildings in the 13th century. "During the archaeological excavations we came upon a cellar that was sealed by a collapse, comprised of building stones and charred beams." Stern said that beneath the cellar floor