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5th-century Christian crypt found in Bulgarian basilica

A Christian crypt dating back to the 5th century has been found in northeastern Bulgaria. The crypt was found at the site of a bishop’s basilica discovered in the 2014 archaeological season. Archaeologists said that the dimensions of the burial site were not only among the largest of such finds in Bulgaria

Medieval crypt found in Northern Sudan

Archaeologists working in northern Sudan have found a 900-year-old crypt containing the mummified remains of 7 individuals. The inscriptions on the walls of the crypt, inscribed with black ink on a thin layer of whitewash (paint), were written in Greek and Sahidic Coptic. They include excerpts from the gospels of Luke,

Mona Lisa’s tomb found

The final resting place of Lisa Gherardini Del Giocondo, believed to be the model for the Mona Lisa, has been located in an an adandoned convent by ground penetrating radar. [Thx to Xenia for posting this on the A Blog About History Facebook page] The crypt was found under the floor