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Egyptian mummy undergoes CT scan

A 3,200-year-old Egyptian mummy has undergone CT scanning at the Stanford University School of Medicine. As the crowd in the room jammed together behind a protective wall, the scanning began at Hatason’s head. When the first images of her skull appeared on the screen, Elias, who had flown all the way

245-year-old mummy given CT scan

A 245-year-old mummy has been giving a non-invasive CT scan to determine his state of preservation and see what injuries or disease he must have suffered from. The mummy, Michael Orlovits, was born in Vac, Hungary, in 1765. He is currently one of a three-member mummy family on loan to

The ancients had heart disease too

Hardening of the arteries has been found in Egyptian mummies, suggesting heart disease may be an ancient problem. A team of US and Egyptian scientists carried out medical scans on 22 mummies from Cairo's Museum of Antiquities. They found evidence of hardened arteries in three of them and possible heart disease in

Skulls from royal cemetery in Iraq show signs of extreme violence

A new examination of skulls belonging to ritually-killed palace attendants in the royal cemetery at Ur show evidence that a sharp instrument was driven into their heads. It was previously thought that they were poisoned. There were two round holes in the soldier’s cranium and one in the woman’s, each about

CT scan reveals Egyptian mummy is not the woman we thought she was

A CT scan has revealed that a mummy, previously believed to contain the remains of Isis Neferit, actually contains the body of a woman who lived 600 years later. And that woman didn't die when she was 20-25 years old like the old plaques in the Putnam's downstairs Egyptian gallery used

Stanford scanner penetrates mummy’s secrets

A minor priest from ancient Egypt was CT-scanned at Stanford Medical Center, yesterday, in order to determine how he died, what was buried with him and what he looked like. Scientists have not been able to pinpoint Iret-net Hor-irw's age when he died or his cause of death. The scanning tests

Egyptian mummy thought to be female is actually male

A CT scan of an Egyptian mummy, "Lady Hor", thought to be female for decades  has revealed she is actually a he. The mummy, discovered 70 years ago in Thebes, was believed to be a woman because the coffin lacked the beard ornamentation male mummies sport. The ancient twist on "The Crying