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CT Scans performed on Pompeii Victims

Researchers are employing the use of a CT Scanner to scan victims from Pompeii who died during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. “For sure, they ate better than we did,” orthodontist Elisa Vanacore said during a press conference in Pompeii on Tuesday, after analyzing some of the initial

CT scanners used to look inside Mesopotamian clay balls

Archaeologists are employing the use of CT scanners and 3D modellers to look inside Mesopotamian clay balls dating back 5,500 years. The clay balls may represent the world's "very first data storage system," at least the first that scientists know of, said Christopher Woods, a professor at the University of Chicago's

Roman burial urns examined by CT scanners

Researchers have used CT scanners to examine the contents of five Roman burial urns found at a housing development in Hertfordshire, England. "Two of the urns contained bones which could be human. An osteoarchaeologist will now examine the bones and help provide even more detail." Using the CT images to guide them,