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Analysis mummies reveals heart disease is part of aging

Researchers have employed the use of CT scanners to examine mummies from across the world spanning a period of 4,000 years. They found evidence of ancient heart disease all over the world suggesting that it is just a basic part of human aging. The findings, published Sunday (Mar. 10) in the

Egyptian ibis mummies CT-scanned

Researchers in Canada have CT-scanned two mummified ibises from Egypt. Their findings suggest that Egyptians believed animals traveled to the afterlife as well. Studies of human mummies show that ancient Egyptians often removed and embalmed the lungs and digestion organs before placing them back inside the body – perhaps so they might work

Smithsonian’s CT scan man

The Washington Post has posted an interesting article about Bruno Frohlich, the man responsible for CT scan all sorts of amazing things at the Smithsonian Museum. “In the old days, 20 years ago, we would do an autopsy, cut the body open,” Frohlich says of studying mummies. No need for such

Pliosaur skull undergoes CT scanning

The 150-million-year-old skull of a pliosaur has been scanned by one of the UK's most powerful CT scanners. The team has begun scanning the prepared fossil one piece at a time to reveal as complete a pliosaur picture possible, including information about the internal bone structure and the positioning of hidden