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Cuba was inhabited by humans 10,000 years ago

A recent census of Cuba's numerous prehistoric sites has revealed that humans were living on the island 10,000 years ago. n compiling Cuba's human settlement history, the indigenous peoples are catalogued as pre-agro pottery (before the 3rd century B.C.E.), proto-agricultural (2nd century B.C.E.) and agro pottery (5th century C.E.) to encompass

Che Guevara’s motorcycle companion dies

Albert Granado, Che Guevara's travel companion on his famous 1950s motorcycle trip, passed away yesterday aged 88. The Argentine biochemist had lived on the communist-ruled island since 1961, and "as a faithful friend of Cuba, he contributed to the training of professionals in medicine and genetics." Mr Granado was a doctor and

Primitive tools found in Cuba

Five polished axes, 25 chisels made out of sea shells, and pottery have been found in Villa Clara, Cuba. An archeologist from the Provincial Center for Environmental Studies and Services, Rául Villavicencio, confirmed that five polished axes, 25 chisels made from sea shells, and various ceramic fragments were found.

Bronze cannon discovered near Trinidad

A group of lobster fishermen working the waters off the coat of Trinidad pulled up a bronze cannon near the site of a colonial ship they discovered last year. The cannon is 2 meters long, weighs 645 kilograms and was cast on June 18, 1777 in Seville, Spain, according to an