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Stone Age well found in Czech Republic

A 7,000-year-old well has been found in the Czech Republic's Central Bohemian Region. Czech archaeologists have revealed the remains of a well that was used more than 7000 years ago, or in the Early Stone Age, and was part of a large settlement, Tomas Chlup, head of the research team, has

2,000-year-old grave of young aristocrat found in Czech Republic

The grave of a young aristocrat who died 2,000-years ago has been found in the Czech Republic. Two thousand years ago the tomb must have looked impressive indeed. The researchers even speculate that in the stone-lined burial chamber was dug into an older burial mound from the Bronze Age. The deceased

Bone analysis reveals mammoth-meat diet

Analysis carried out on human remains found at a prehistoric site in the Czech Republic has revealed that the people living there ate large quantities of mammoth meat. They found that humans did consume mammoth -- and in large quantities. Other carnivores, such as brown bears, wolves and wolverines, also had

5,000-year-old plough furrows found in Czech Republic

Archaeologists working in the Czech Republic have uncovered plough furrows which date back over 5,000 years. Probably the most important find is the system of four approximately parallel lines that are nine metres long, ten metres wide and eight centimeters deep, which archeologists say, are furrows. Experts believe the furrows date back